The goal of J. Washington Company is to make a positive impact in all of its relationships. We are committed to bringing the highest standard of service to Corporate, Individual and Institutional Clients. Our passion and dedication is in helping others succeed through financial planning. J. Washington Company is dedicated to creating complete balance toward our client’s financial freedom.  
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J.Washington Company

To gain financial independence, it takes knowledge and financial planning. We have all heard, “What you don’t know, will hurt you.” This is especially true in the world of finance. J. Washington Company has the experience and knowledge necessary to create the right kind of financial planning and education needed to help others succeed.

J. Washington has a lifetime of experience in corporate finance, working with both start-up companies and established public corporations. We specialize in working with small start-up companies in need of cash flow and working capital management. J. Washington is most inspired by dealing with clients that we have led from “Distress to Success”!

The J. Washington Company philosophy and culture strives to maintain a balance in Emotion, Family, Spirit and Well-Being - All of which can affect our financial independence. Therefore, money cannot be our first priority. In order to be successful -Knowledge comes first; the money will follow.